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8 Podcasts To Boost Creativity


Creativity can be a difficult thing to harness even in the best of times, but with current self-isolation and stay-at-home orders, you may be finding it even more difficult. Podcasts have always helped us feel less alone, so it seems only natural for us to turn to them now. Here are our team’s favorite creative podcasts.

The Writing University podcast logo
1. The Writing University

Described by our colleagues as their “go-to” for creative writing inspiration, The Writing University is the place to hear all of the craft talks you’ve ever wanted. From failure to durability, each episode is both niche and specific as well as broad enough to apply to any type of writing you may be working on.

Best for: Staring at a blank wall during writer’s block

Hidden Brain podcast logo
2. Hidden Brain

Need to think of something from another perspective? Throw this podcast onto your speakers, stat. Science and storytelling converge to examine what drives human behavior and our choices and relationships. No matter what episode you hear, it’s a delight and a challenge to look at things from a different angle.

Best for: Emailing episodes to friends when a topic seems just right for them

Clear and Vivid podcast logo

3. Clear and Vivid

Two words: Alan Alda. That’s all. Okay, if you need more reason, here it is — dig into the process behind connecting with others, whatever that may mean. Whether it’s a one-on-one relationship challenge or how to connect with a new audience, hear from people you’ve always idolized. Notable episode: Paul McCartney.

Best for: Times when you are feeling lonely and want to change that

A Beautiful Mess podcast logo

4. A Beautiful Mess

We’ve been long-time fans of sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman’s blog, A Beautiful Mess. Creative and always on-trend, think of this podcast as your favorite blog in audio form. Now, add in a splash of behind-the-scenes for Elsie and Emma’s relationship and how they approach new projects.

Best for: Trying to gain inspiration for rearranging your furniture

Smart People podcast logo

5. Smart People Podcast

Let’s leave the hard topics to the subject matter experts, or, you know, the smart people. Hear from intelligent people on a whole slew of topics, like psychology, leadership, education, technology, entrepreneurship, relationships, and way more.

Best for: Right after you’ve read/watched the news and need more faith in humanity

The Creative Introvert podcast logo

6. The Creative Introvert

Calling all creatives who prefer a little alone time. This podcast tackles specific topics for all the lone wolf makers out there, like battling fear, increasing confidence, self-promotion without feeling sleazy, and overcoming procrastination. Even if you’re not an introvert, we are loving this podcast to inspire creativity while social distancing.

Best for: Introverts who are kind of reveling in this self-isolation

Radiolab podcast logo

7. Radiolab

There’s a reason Radiolab is one of the most popular podcasts — and yes, you can believe the hype! We love Radiolab for its specific brand of peculiar topics. Where else can we learn facts about exponential curves in a way that makes you reassess your entire thought process?

Best for: Rearranging the pantry or other tedious tasks you now have time for but don’t want to


Bon Appetit podcast logo

Bon Appetit Anything

Okay, we know this isn’t technically a podcast, but it’s such a delight that we can’t stop watching it. From the ever tense Gourmet Makes to It’s Alive, we’re addicted and somehow convinced that Claire and Brad are our real friends.

Best for: Fantasizing about good food prepared by trained chefs that you can eat in a restaurant surrounded by your friends who also happen to be trained chefs from Bon Appetit.

We hope our top 8 can be a balm in these difficult times, and if nothing else, inspire you to think differently about your world. We need creativity now more than ever. What are your favorites that we missed? Let us know by giving us a tweet at @pri_agency!


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