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Keepin’ Things Pawsitive: Meet the Cats of PRI

Close-up of sleeping cat's face, while laying on the arm of a sofa.

Our cat motto: Soft bellies, sharp claws … can’t win. 

Chances are pretty high that there’s a cat lying across one of our keyboards at this very moment. Here are the furry, purry members of the PRI team:

Shawn's cat Reesey, an adorable kittenReesey

Reesey was rescued at just eight weeks old after living under a shed behind a restaurant. Reesey lives her best life now, sunbathing in every window sill, playing with her toys, and knocking nearly every item off of any table in sight.

Parent: Shawn Williams, Full Stack Developer
Likes: Treats, sunbathing, and her sister Charlie
Dislikes: Roombas, balloons

Jedi, a tuxedo cat, with a lightsaber and wearing a Jedi robeJedi

Jedi joined the Nazzaros by way of St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center and jumped into family life with all four paws. A very vocal and affectionate kitty, one of his family nicknames is “The Little Mermaid” because he wants to be where the people are. His party tricks are shaking paws and giving fist bumps.

Parent: Élena Nazzaro, Art Director
Likes: Treats, sunny spots, treats, naps, things he’s not supposed to eat, snuggling, receiving attention 24/7, knocking things off the counter, talking a lot, and treats
Dislikes: Being picked up, the vacuum, being ignored

Ava, a tabby with green eyesAva

Ava is a 10-year-old kitty who adores her canine siblings and reluctantly tolerates her human housemates (aka “the staff”). A Florida native, she spends her days napping in the sun, chasing lizards, and occasionally gnawing the corners of a good book.

Parent: Ali Datko, Digital Content Producer
Likes: Drinking from dog bowls, sneaking subtle cuddles, the ’nip
Dislikes: Closed doors, visitors, constructive criticism

Pryor, a long-haired tabby with white cheeksPryor

Pryor (aka P, Tuna-Man, Stinky) is a 10-month-old Maine Coon mix who was rescued in Georgia. He now lives in New Jersey with a doggie brother, Moose, whom he loves to annoy and chase around. Between spending time snoozing in his cat tree and cleaning himself, Pryor is learning to sit and give high-fives for his favorite freeze-dried treats!

Parent: Nikki Tramontana, Graphic Designer
Likes: His lobster toy, wet food, sunny spots
Dislikes: The word “no,” being asked to move off of computer keyboards while one tries to work

Sara's cat Bella, a black cat with yellow eyesBella

Bella is a sassy 13-year-old who was rescued from a thunderstorm in Cocoa Beach, Florida, when she was just two weeks old. Since then, she’s lived in Washington, D.C., and moved across the Atlantic to Madrid, Spain. She enjoys lazy mornings, snuggling with her mom, and impressing friends with her tricks like “sit.”

Parent: Sara Powell, Technical Project Manager
Likes: Treats, burrowing in fresh laundry, playing with her toy mouse, strawberries
Dislikes: When her mom hosts parties (too many strange sounds and people), going to the vet

Sarah's cat Cowboy, a tortoiseshell catCowboy

Cowboy is a five-year-old tortoiseshell lady living the good life in Denver. Originally rescued from a dumpster in Los Angeles, she enjoys a good throwback to her roots by raiding trash cans and digging in the garbage disposal to find what tasty treats lie in its dangerous, watery depths. She spends most days soaking up sunshine, inconveniently lying across a keyboard, or kicking it with her favorite giant carrot toy.

Parent: Sarah Shields, Communications Specialist
Likes: Chin rubs, swatting at any dog within reach, being an actual trash mammal
Dislikes: Not being fed at the precise moment she decides she’s hungry


These feline friends make life more interesting for the PRI team. Want to meet their canine siblings and co-workers? Check out the PRI Pups to bring a little extra wag into your day.



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