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Marielle Lorentz
By Marielle Lorentz |
IN Design |

Tell Your Story With Data Visualization

Having dependable and compelling data is only half the battle. Use data visualization to make your findings shine and tell your story with data.

Picture this: Your organization does valuable work that positively impacts your community, but you’re finding it difficult to demonstrate that impact to potential supporters. Sound familiar? This struggle is all too common, but thankfully there is a solution — with data visualization, your organization can demonstrate its mission and impact in a concise yet powerful way. Read on to learn what data visualization is, how it can help your organization tell its story, and best practices for how to implement it.

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Ali Datko
By Ali Datko |
IN Design, IN Build |

A Tribute to RBG: Creating a Digital Storytelling Experience Honoring Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

In early 2021 we were approached by our friends and partners at the Columbia Law Review, a nonprofit organization and world-renowned publication of legal scholarship, to assist in creating the digital version of a special volume of the Review — an in memoriam tribute to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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PRI Team
By PRI Team |
IN Design |

What’s Next for Design?

The ability to predict web and mobile design trends is key to the success of many projects. At PRI, we’re thankful to have a team of top-tier design experts who help us stay ahead of the curve — and we’re happy to share some of their expertise with you. Here are our predictions for the top five design trends we expect to see emerge in the next year.

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Elena Nazzaro
By Elena Nazzaro |
IN Design, IN Build |

Working with User-Accessible Colors

Why is user accessibility important?

Maybe you’ve heard of the recent lawsuit against Domino’s Pizza, which didn’t make its site accessible through a screen reader — and to be fair, Domino’s isn’t the only one. Traditionally, accessibility has been more of an afterthought or a “nice-to-have” element in many organizations’ design plans. Hopefully moving forward, we’ll see a greater trend in planning and incorporating Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as a basic part of the design process.

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