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Our Resolutions for 2020


New year, new goals, same team! Setting professional and personal new year’s resolutions can be daunting and maybe even a little embarrassing. Don’t worry, you can find a little courage and inspiration in the PRI team’s list of resolutions. (We promise to stick to ours if you stick to yours!) We’re in this together.

ChintanChintan Parikh, CEO

My resolutions are mindfulness and being present in the moment, and working on my nomophobia!

AshishAshish Mehta, COO

I’m going to focus on growing spiritually and showing more appreciation to people around me.

ElenaÉlena Nazzaro, Art Director

I started a program called “Walk to Mordor” where you can put in your steps each day and follow in Frodo and Sam’s footsteps from Lord of the Rings. For 2020, one of my goals is to get there and back again!

ShawnShawn Williams, Full Stack Developer

My goals are to be more thoughtful and to stick to a strict nutrition and exercise schedule.

NinaNina Talley, Communications Specialist

I’m resolving to be kinder to myself and to others, and to try barre classes!

MarielleMarielle Lorentz, Designer

I’m going to continue to lead a more environmentally conscious lifestyle and meditate more!

AliAli Datko, Digital Content Producer

My 2020 resolutions are to be more committed to my personal writing (outside of work), to become a better gardener, and to complete a list of home DIY projects.

KevinKevin Williams, Front-End Developer

My resolution is to do all that I can do to make the world less polarized.

NikkiNikki Tramontana, Designer

This year I’m going to cook more homemade meals, work toward a lower-waste lifestyle, and create artistic/creative projects for myself outside of work ones.

GayaGayathri Colundalur, Web Developer

I’m going to take better care of myself! It seems to have a positive ripple effect on everyone around me, including our dog!

DanyDany Petraska, Content Strategist

I want to be more mindful of my reactions to life events and people (i.e., don’t live on autopilot) and of course eat better and exercise more.

We also resolve as a team to hold each other up, and to be one another’s loudest cheerleaders. The best way to stick to your new year’s resolutions is to start with a strong foundation of support — something we have in spades. Happy 2020 to you all. May your resolutions be achievable and your willpower remain strong!


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