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Warning! Blatant Self Promotion

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We have super exciting news! It’s our new, updated — redesigned — website. It all started with a single statement:

We build and grow engaging digital experiences driven by meticulous strategy and design.

When we initially began our website redesign process, we decided to write a single sentence describing what we do. You’ve undoubtedly been challenged to write something similar and realized how difficult this can be. So we broke it down:

What products do we offer? The list is loooooong, but it drills down to one key point: We create experiences. And for PRI, those experiences are mainly digital, (i.e., online, plugged in, connected). We then added that our products — digital experiences — are engaging.

Our Definition of Engagement

In addition to conveying quality, engagement involves not just making a connection, but making a meaningful connection. And as noted in our statement above, we believe that truly engaging digital experiences have four main things in common:

Lightbulb iconStrategy: They put aside self-promotion and focus on understanding the wants, needs, and values of the customers — people — they wish to serve.

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Design: They’re beautiful, consistent, and they work.


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Build: Their foundations are strong and reliable, yet versatile enough to support expansion and experimentation.

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Grow: They not only generate business growth; they also grow audience reach, brand awareness, and — most importantly — positive human relationships.

What Differentiates Us

Next, we thought through each element of our business and focused on what differentiates us, and our team, for our clients:

PRI has been in business for nearly 30 years, and we’ve known many of our clients for almost as long. You might call this stability, which seems like a boring word, but we believe it holds great importance. For us (and you), it means reliability. It means crazy-good customer service. And it means, ultimately, your peace of mind.

Bigger, Better, More

We're not stopping there. We do more than simply design and build websites, and we've fine-tuned our services to focus on the four core ideas listed above: Strategy, Design, Build, and Grow. From this, we also hope you can:

  1. Acquaint yourself with our creative process. We want to understand your business goals, back up our insights with thorough research, develop a robust strategy, and implement a solution that works through all of your digital channels. We’ll then measure the results and make refinements to ensure continued success.
  2. Learn more about our work. Our new portfolio includes case studies (including March of Dimes and MUTTS) explaining how our services produced end-to-end results.
  3. Get to know our team. Our close-knit team is made up of creative, enthusiastic professionals who bring decades of experience to the table.
  4. Have access to valuable insights, best practices, and more, through our blog. We are reviving our blog post schedule and will be delivering content to help you make strategic business decisions, conduct day-to-day marketing activities, and perhaps even inspire your next project.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, now or in the months and years ahead. We’ll be here.

Chintan Parikh, President
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