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Cassie Barden
By Cassie Barden |
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Designing for Neurodiversity

Accessible design has long been the gold standard, but inclusive design goes one step further. In this blog, we share principles of inclusive design, offering tips for ensuring your website supports a neurodiverse user base.

Have you ever heard of the spoons theory? Originating in the chronic illness community, it’s a way of framing a person’s daily energy and output measured in spoons. For instance, a person may wake up with 10 spoons in their drawer. Getting ready for work and their daily routines takes one spoon, their commute requires another, they have a grueling workday with back-to-back meetings and by the time they’re off of work six more spoons are gone, then grocery shopping takes another, and meal prep takes the final spoon, depleting their day’s 10 spoons. And no matter who you are, everyone needs spoons for things like helping kids with homework, getting to the gym, making dinner, or researching that upcoming vacation.

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Sophie Baye
By Sophie Baye |
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Social Media Analytics – Don’t Let Vanity Metrics Lead You Astray

A well-performing post is not a replacement for a digital marketing strategy and will not breach the surface of effective engagement with your audience. Learning about actionable metrics is the key to unlocking effective social media strategies.

The zealous joy of a post going viral is undoubtedly the most rewarding dopamine burst that our internet-centric world can offer. There’s certainly something to be said about the crossover between the brain’s Pavlovian reward centers and well-performing social media metrics; however, a well-performing post is not a replacement for a digital marketing strategy. Without the decision to be intentional, your high-performing posts will not breach the surface of effective engagement with your audience.

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Sarah Hartsell
By Sarah Hartsell |
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Why Accessibility Matters: Principles of WCAG Compliance

Understanding Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and principles can be a great start to creating an accessible website.

When designing your website, who do you picture as your user? Could someone who requires a screen reader or another accessibility device easily navigate your site? What about someone with poor internet connectivity, or whose only device is an older model handheld tablet? 

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Elena Nazzaro
By Elena Nazzaro |
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Creating Design Systems That Will Grow With You

Developing a design system can help you and your team to produce consistent, on-brand results and future-proof your work.

A design system is a valuable tool that produces predictable, on-brand results. Design systems can also help with the frustration that sometimes arises among clients and members of the design and engineering teams during the process of web page design.

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