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Nina Talley
By Nina Talley |
IN Strategy |

8 Podcasts To Boost Creativity

Creativity can be a difficult thing to harness even in the best of times, but with current self-isolation and stay-at-home orders, you may be finding it even more difficult. Podcasts have always helped us feel less alone, so it seems only natural for us to turn to them now. Here are our team’s favorite creative podcasts.

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Ali Datko
By Ali Datko |
IN Strategy |

The Value of a Remote Team

In the latest State of Remote Work report released annually by social media management company Buffer, researchers polled nearly 2,500 remote professionals about the benefits and struggles of telecommuting. Ninety-nine percent of respondents said they would like to work remotely, at least some of the time, for the rest of their career. 

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Dany Petraska
By Dany Petraska |
IN Strategy |

6 Reasons to Start Caring About Your Title and Meta Descriptions

Title and meta description tags are part of your website’s initial build (or should be), and often no one ever thinks about them again.

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Frank J. Mendelson
By Frank J. Mendelson |
IN Strategy |

Tips for Editing for Yourself and Others

There are three major categories to consider when a colleague asks you to review their work: content, organization, and presentation. Although there are many, many subcategories, the following is a roadmap on how you might begin.

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