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Ali Datko
By Ali Datko |
IN Design, IN Build |

A Tribute to RBG: Creating a Digital Storytelling Experience Honoring Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

In early 2021 we were approached by our friends and partners at the Columbia Law Review, a nonprofit organization and world-renowned publication of legal scholarship, to assist in creating the digital version of a special volume of the Review — an in memoriam tribute to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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5 Expert Tips on Writing Efficient, Optimized CSS

Cascading style sheets, known more commonly as CSS, is a language used to describe the presentation or form of a document written in HTML, or other markup languages. It is an essential component of the WWW next to HTML and JavaScript.

After years of honing my skill as an engineer, I’ve found that grounding my CSS work around these five strategies has helped save valuable time and energy when working on production sites.

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Elena Nazzaro
By Elena Nazzaro |
IN Design, IN Build |

Working with User-Accessible Colors

Why is user accessibility important?

Maybe you’ve heard of the recent lawsuit against Domino’s Pizza, which didn’t make its site accessible through a screen reader — and to be fair, Domino’s isn’t the only one. Traditionally, accessibility has been more of an afterthought or a “nice-to-have” element in many organizations’ design plans. Hopefully moving forward, we’ll see a greater trend in planning and incorporating Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as a basic part of the design process.

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Chintan Parikh
By Chintan Parikh |
IN Build, IN Grow |

Your website has launched! Now what?

It is exciting to see the first users start visiting your brand-spankin’-new website or digital product. (No, we’re not talking about beta users or test accounts filled with “lorem ipsum” copy.) We are talking about actual users. These are users who visit your website looking for value, be it in the form of products, information, or entertainment.

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