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Migrating MUTTS Comics from WordPress to Shopify

We migrated the MUTTS ecommerce store to Shopify, resulting in an improved customer experience and simplified content management workflows. is the official online home for Patrick McDonnell’s acclaimed MUTTS comic strip, which began in 1994 and today reaches millions of readers worldwide.

In 2003 PRI joined forces with MUTTS to introduce its beloved cast of characters to an online audience, and in the nearly two decades since, this animal-focused brand has cultivated a digital audience of nearly half a million followers and expanded to include a robust ecommerce site which gives back to organizations that help animals and the environment.

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Dany Petraska
By Dany Petraska |
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SEO Like a Pro: 15 Tasks You Don’t Want to Skip

SEO is a long-term process, so be sure to make every page count. They’re the building blocks at the heart of your online presence.

True story: At work one day, sometime around 2005, my boss at the time told me, “You’re our SEO expert.”

I quickly googled (or was it Yahoo! back then?) the latest info about SEO, and I’ve been studying search engine optimization ever since. It was slow at first, mostly because I was being asked to find ways to make a website rank number one. Period. But how?

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Nina Talley
By Nina Talley |
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How to Start a Successful Podcast: An Expert Guide for Beginners

Is podcasting right for you? Explore the research, equipment, and skill sets needed to launch a successful podcast and reach new audiences.

Podcasts are so common these days they’ve become a cliché. But things typically become clichés after they have developed into powerful truths, and podcasts have proven no exception to that rule. They can be an excellent way to connect with new audiences, increase brand engagement, or position your organization as an industry thought leader.

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Amanda Leighty
By Amanda Leighty |
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Speak and Be Heard: How to Make Your Social Media Posts More Accessible

Social media offers us a way to connect with others, but there are some common mistakes that can make it difficult for some audiences to do just that. Ensure your posts are accessible and create more connections with these practices.

Social media is available to nearly anyone with an enabled device, and each user represents an opportunity to connect. So, if your goal as an organization is to have a greater impact or increase your following, it’s important to make sure you’re reaching each person as effectively as possible.

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